One way to add to your family after loss is through adoption. We know that just like any decision regarding parenthood, this is a very personal decision that only you and your partner can make. We hope the following resources help you as you begin or consider this journey.

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Types of Adoption

Foster Care Adoption – Adoption of a child(ren) from the foster care system.
International Adoption – Adoption of a child(ren) from outside your current country.
Infant Adoption – Adoption of a newborn from biological parents.
Embryo Adoption – Adoption of an unborn baby (embryo) that you physically carry and birth.
Sibling Group Adoption – Adoption of a group of children born to the same biological mother.

Closed vs. Open vs. Semi-Open Adoptions

Closed Adoption – There is no identifiable information shared about the birth family and adoptive family. There is no communication between the birth family and adoptive family.

Open Adoption – Identifiable information is shared about the birth family and adoptive family. Letters, pictures, video, etc. may be exchanged. There is face-to-face contact throughout the child’s life.

Semi-Open Adoption – Birth family and adoptive family may or may not know each other’s first names or full names. Correspondence is sent through a third party.

Foster Care Adoption

International Adoption

Infant Adoption

Embryo Adoption

General Adoption Resources

Financial Aid

United States Tax Information

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