The decision to try to add to your family after loss can feel overwhelming. It’s scary because you know exactly what can and does go wrong at any point in pregnancy, or after birth. You no longer have the optimism you did before your loss, and you feel disheartened because your only experience with pregnancy is loss and heartbreak.  But your arms are empty and aching to hold a baby of your own. You know there are no guarantees, but you take the step to add to your family.  You are Trying to Conceive**.

We believe in the power of connecting with people who understand the hard road of Trying to Conceive (TTC) after the death of your only child(ren). We know how it can seem like healing will never happen for you. We know how devastating it is to see only one pink line month after month, while others around you seems to fall pregnant with no effort at all. If you are mother with no living children, who is currently Trying to Conceive, please come join us: Still Mothers TTC Support**.

**PLEASE NOTE: once you ask to join, you will receive a private message from a group admin. You MUST reply to the message to be considered for the group. If we can not contact you, we can not add you! If you do not allow messages on Facebook, you can contact us here to learn how to join.

We have several other groups to fit your needs best! If this isn’t the group for you, check out the others on our Support Page.