As you probably know by now, Still Mothers focuses on living childless after loss. But we know there is another group in the baby loss community that often goes unnoticed: the loss mothers with living children, but no baby born after loss. Just like Still Mothers, they yearn for the healing redemption of carrying a baby through pregnancy and the joy of raising a healthy baby born after loss. They too feel left behind in the community that emphasizes healing though subsequent pregnancy. They too need a safe place to connect with others who understand and pain of loss with no subsequent baby.

If you have a living child (or children), but no baby born after loss, please come join Grieving Your Youngest**

This is a group for loss mothers with living children, but no baby born after loss. It’s a safe place to find connections with those who understand most.

**PLEASE NOTE: once you ask to join you will be prompted to answer a few questions. You must answer these questions to be considered for the group. If an admin has additional questions about your responses, then they will message you.** 

There are two additional groups to support our loss mothers with living children but no baby born after loss:

Grieving Your Youngest – TTC for those loss mothers trying to conceive again, after the death of their youngest child.

Grieving Your Youngest – Embracing Life for those who are done (by choice or circumstance) trying to grow their family and are instead learning to embrace life without a child born after loss.

We have several other groups to fit your needs best! If this isn’t the group for you, check out the others on our Support Page.