When your only child(ren) dies, it is natural for one of the big questions to be “would I like to have another child? Not as a replacement for my child who died, but to fill my arms with love and hope once again.”

For some people, their child(ren) who died would have been the oldest sibling. For others, the death of their only intended child might lead them to want to have their child’s younger sibling to love.

Making the decision about whether or not to Try to Conceive (ttc) after your only child(ren) has died is incredibly personal – a decision that only you can make, along with your spouse or partner.

If you are thinking about starting the ttc journey again, or are already ttc after the loss of your only child(ren), we invite you to read through the resources below, and to join us at the Still Mothers TTC Support group.




Baby Center USA

Baby Center Canada

Baby Centre UK

Two Week Wait

Fertile Thoughts

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