Welcome to Still Mothers,

We are proud to bring this resource to you on behalf of all the mothers who feel lost and left behind in a community of families, because their only child(ren) has died.

Still Mothers are two things:

Firstly, we are still mothers. Though our children have died, we hold them tight in our hearts and put effort into loving and nurturing their memories. Nothing will ever stop us from loving and missing our children. Our mother hearts beat just as strongly as women with children to raise.

Secondly, we are survivors. We have lived through unimaginable loss and are still living our lives as best we can. We find healing from within, but walk a lonely road of always feeling left behind. Despite facing what can feel like a very empty life, we are still here, still moving forward, still seeking peace.

Every mother here is a Still Mother. Our situations are different, but we all are living life without one or more of our children. We understand the unique challenges of facing life without hope for the future, and feeling as if our dreams have been lost. We know how painful it becomes to be apart of a community that puts so much emphasis on pregnancy after loss, and we know how hard it can be to feel connected.

We hope you find peace and healing on Still Mothers. Always remember, you are not alone.

RaeAnne Fredrickson and Lisa Sissons